Marshall Amp Fridge

Marshall Amp Fridge
$699.00 on Amazon
If you are looking for a unique piece for your dorm room, studio, or man cave, the Marshall Amp Fridge is going to be the piece that will tie everything together. This is only the second time in history that Marshall has put their logo on anything other than an amplifier which means that not only will you have an amazing new conversation piece for your space, but you will also be buying a little piece of history.

The fridge measures 24.2” x 22” x 33.9” making it an easy fit for any place in your room. The Energy Star compliant fridge also features a high efficiency freezer and convenient can holders in the door. There is 4 cubic feet of fridge space as well as 0.4 cubic feet of storage in the freezer for all of your food and beverage needs. There are also two adjustable tempered glass shelves for you to customize the inside to handle whatever you need to store in the fridge.

Although the inside is what you will be using it for, it is the outside that is really going to draw the attention. When most people get their first look at it they won’t even realize that it isn't a real amp. The authentic look of the fridge will make people think that you have invested in some serious sound equipment because the fridge looks identical to the classic Marshall amplifier. There is an engraved Marshall’s signature at the top and it features a genuine Marshall’s logo. To make everything more authentic there are control knobs that can be cranked up all the way to 11, and the classic woven black fret cloth covering the front as well.

The Marshall Amp Fridge the perfect size for any space, and with its adjustable shelves and easy storage you can’t lose. Not to mention fooling all of your friends with its authentic look when they see it for the first time. If you are a musician, music lover, or just want to have something awesome then this fridge is what you have been looking for.