Original Astronaut Space Pen

Original Astronaut Space Pen
$51.85 on Amazon
The majority of pens require some sort of gravity or force to write. A ballpoint pen needs to be pushed down on in order to write while a more free flowing pen needs to at least be facing downward in order to write. Due to this, it often is extremely difficult in order to write at certain angles, and writing with a pen upside down is almost impossible.

At least, it is impossible for most pens not named the Fisher Space Original Astronaut Space Pen. After all, in space there is no such thing as gravity, and because of this there really is no right up or down. So, astronauts required a pen that could write in any angle and in any direction. The Fisher Space Original Astronaut Space Pen is what was created. This quality pen is one of the most durable pens in the galaxy. It is able to write not only in any direction, but at temperatures ranging from 25 below zero to 250 degrees (hopefully you never experience either extreme (especially the 250 degree one).

The Fisher Space Original Astronaut Space Pen is constructed out of all brass and steel, not to mention it comes in an original box from the manufacturer. It is also easy to replace the internal ink cartridge when the pen runs dry, so you only need to purchase the pen once.

The pen is extremely favorably rated on Amazon as it has a 4.6 rating out of 221 reviewers. With so many positive reviews available on the pen, there really are few other options out there that can replicate what the Fisher Space Original Astronaut Space Pen is able to do, which is exactly why it is a perfect pen purchase, as long as you are looking for a quality pen.

This exact pen did not go to space, but, one just like it did! If you have ever wanted a pen that could write in a gravity less environment, or a pent that would work in 250 degrees... then look no further. Each of these space pens come with a really great lifetime warranty and the pens are made of all metal. The company that manufactures the space pen hand tests each one. Yikes, that would be a boring job... but you can tell the company cares about quality. Kudos to them. You may wonder why the space program just didn't use pencils instead of this special pen. Here's the answer: lead pencils have some dust that would float around in space. So, thanks to the space program and the company who invented the pens (Fisher), we have this pen that works in almost any environment imaginable.