Scientific Equation Wall Clock

Scientific Equation Wall Clock
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Looking for something different? Need something to catch people's attention? Look no further than this scientific wall clock!

There are numbers, just not the way you are used to. This clock may very well be one of the coolest, most interesting things ever to be on your wall! Challenge yourself whenever you need to tell time.

The educational piece has scientific equations in place of each number, and keeps your mind sharp by revisiting your old high school science lessons. The concepts you used to dread now become one of the most exciting parts of your day. Laugh with your family and friends as you dust off the old physics book to work out the equations. If you're wrong, don't worry, you'll get it! Compete with your friends, have contests to see who can figure out the equation first, even test each other on the scientific concepts.

The fun is endless with this educational timepiece. Represented in each hour space is a different scientific equation. In order to know what time it is, you need to figure out the scientific equations first.

Perfect for your kid's room, or as a conversation piece for any room in your house, this clock will definitely get the attention of your friends. Challenge yourself on a daily basis. You'll never get bored when you need to know the time of day. Your kids will be excited about science, encouraging themselves and each other to determine the time by using scientific equations. Whoever thought that telling time could be fun and education at the same time?

In addition to buying one for yourself, this clock makes the perfect gift for any science buff in your life. Give it as a fun gift for that college student majoring in any field of science. It makes the perfect addition to their dorm room, and will have their fellow science majors fondly laughing at the cool, innovative decor. Also perfect for those in your life who are science teachers or professors, they'll absolutely love the sentiment! Science teachers may even want to purchase one for their classroom as a fun, unique decor that will keep the minds of their students sharp and focused.

You'll be the first among your friends and family to have a non-traditional timepiece. Clocks don't always have to be standard, who says you can't have a little fun figuring out the time? Learn or re-learn the scientific concepts that you've forgotten since school, and prove to yourself just how intelligent you really are! Who doesn't want to unleash their inner scientist in such a unique way?

This clock is constructed of white metal, with an opening on the back for easy hanging. It measures 11 1/2 inches in diameter, and requires 1 AA battery.

Science doesn't have to be boring or difficult. Do something fun and completely different from anything you've ever seen. This clock will not be overlooked by anyone, everyone will be asking you where you got it, and everyone will want one!