Mana and Health Bottle Earrings

Mana and Health Bottle Earrings
$15.99 on Amazon
When your HP's running low,
you've got no healer in tow,
and you've cast your last Meteor Swarm
with just 2 Magic Points to go,

you could use a little buff
to keep your DPS up to snuff.
With no way to recover,
raiding dungeons would get really rough!

If I had holes in my ears from which I hung stuff off of, I would seriously consider hangings these health and mana earrings from my ear holes. The red health bottle is deep and full of life. The blue mana bottle is vibrant and full of hope. The symbolism is strong.

The cork bottles are sealed with some resin which will prevent any fluids from leaking. That is not to say that the bottles will not break if they are dropped or thrown. Because, they will most certainly break. So, don't drop or throw them.

The hook and connecting pieces are "silver toned." I am not exactly sure what that means. I believe it means they look like silver but are not silver. Kind of a bummer, but, not really. The price would be a lot steeper if the connecting pieces and key charm were made or lined with silver.

A User Review For You: "My cute sweetie girl has a pair of these. We both love them. She looks so hot when she wears em. There is a problem though. The hook has some nickel in it and my girl is allergic to nickel. So, uh, yeah. She can't wear them for very long."