Highly Advanced Coloring Book

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The crazy complexity in these illustrations shocks your mind. You're intrigued by the pictures, but may feel unable to take on the task of coloring such an advanced piece of art. This isn't your run-of-the-mill coloring book. This isn't a fifteen minute activity. This is an adventure...an adventure you want to take.

Is their passion lost somewhere in you? Perhaps you're a little OCD and need order in your life? Did you ever dream of being an artist? This meticulously detailed coloring book will ignite your inner child, while calming the chaos in your world. The simple act of coloring takes us back to a time when we were careless and had no responsibilities.

Coloring these detailed pieces allows you to shut everything out and focus on your art. Yes, you are an artist. Quieting your mind and meditating on how you will complete each page allows your imagination to operate at full capacity. Creativity is not a luxury lost in childhood. We often forget the free-spirited children we were, but that child is still in there. These stimulating pages will challenge and allow you to see your visionary gifts are at your fingertips. They've just been waiting for you to tap into them. After completing each intricate piece you'll be in a relaxed state, yet feel invigorated too? It's a surreal experience to carefully work on something with such patience, then feel exhilarated when it's done.

Coloring these pages is a process. Like any vision, the process is part of the journey to make the vision become reality. Taking your time and allowing yourself to make mistakes makes the process even more fulfilling. There are no rules for this coloring book. No one leaning over your shoulder telling you to "stay within the lines". These black and white drawings encourage you to fill them with the colors on your heart. Making each image become your own unique achievement. This is an adventure you won't regret.