Remote Control Electric Skateboard

Remote Control Electric Skateboard
$1499.00 on Amazon
If you've been waiting impatiently for the day when your hoverboard would finally arrive, your dreams have come true! You're no longer restricted to moving along at your own power. When you take to the streets with this Remote Control Electric Skateboard, you can travel at previously-unheard of rates, pulling stunts that never would have been possible on a traditional skateboard.

Powerful and Reliable

This is not your father's skateboard. It's a skateboard that comes equipped with all the technology you could ask for to hit the streets and get moving. Whether you're hoping for a little bit of an extra boost to help you get over a steep hill or you're planning to accelerate at top speed, flying across that hill like you're on level ground, this skateboard is perfectly designed to allow for the ultimate experience every time you get on. Yes, you read that right: it's powerful enough to allow you to accelerate uphill. Even better, it's designed with reliability in mind. There's no need to replace your skateboard every couple of years; instead, it's designed to take durability into consideration, zooming along for thousands of miles.

Learn at Comfortable Speeds

When you first jump on your Remote Control Electric Skateboard, you don't want to go zooming off and end up falling flat on your face. Thankfully, it's designed for every skill level. If you need to dial it down a notch in order to start learning, your skateboard will allow you to cruise along at a slow, steady pace until you become comfortable letting the motors control your speed and progress. On the other hand, if you have a deepset need for speed and incredible balance that will keep you on top of your skateboard, feel free to dial it up and fly along at whatever speed is comfortable for you.

Perform Incredible Stunts

If you've ever wished that you could perform some of the amazing stunts that you've seen on television but can't seem to balance acceleration and tricks at the same time, you're in luck! This skateboard provides the steam. You just have to manage the tricks! Note: since the skateboard travels at such a high rate of speed, protective gear such as helmets and knee and elbow pads is recommended for your safety.

It Goes Everywhere You Do

Whether you're zooming around a college campus or hurrying off to run errands around town, there's no need to bother with clunky bike locks or slow movement when you have this skateboard on hand. It will go everywhere you do with ease! You can carry it inside the store in your hand, tuck it inside your backpack, or tuck it conveniently beside a desk or behind a counter. With nothing to hold you back, you'll never again realize that your transportation method is on the other side of campus when you need it the most.

The future is here, and you can use it to travel anywhere you like. Fun stunts, incredible speed, and the convenience of a remote control and a lithium battery all rolled into one: you can't beat it. Embrace the future and see where it takes you today.