Mana Energy Drink

Mana Energy Drink
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While wizards need mana to cast their spells, we mere mortals have our own brand of magic that fuels our great endeavors whether it is in the wee hours of the morning or late into the night. What’s the name of this magic brew? Caffeine.

These mana energy drinks come in little potion bottles and are dyed blue so that they look like something right out of Diablo or World of Warcraft. The drink might not taste very good, but it contains the caffeine of four cups of coffee (so that’s plus four to vitality right there). It is only a temporary spell however and the effects fade after five or eight hours. The little bottle is quite small, easily fitting into the palm of your hand, an adventurer’s knapsack, a secret compartment in the darkest dungeon or into a modern purse or bag.

A mana energy drink would be a fun addition to early morning LARP meetups or Dungeons and Dragons campaigns that go late into the night. It would also be a fun way to get a boost while living it up at your favorite board game or fantasy convention and a good present for any fan of make-believe as long as they are old enough to handle so much caffeine, because it’s most definitely not a drink for children.

Even some adults may find it too big a kick to comfortably handle. After all, even mages can only manage so much mana at once, so you may not wish to drink it all in one go. But while you may feel over caffeinated after drinking it, it doesn't leave you with any nasty aftereffects once it wears off.

Once you have used the energy drink, you can also save the bottles and reuse them, either to decorate a room with fantasy-inspired memorabilia or to add some props to your favorite roleplaying games.