5-Port USB Charger

5-Port USB Charger
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The 5-port USB charger lets you charge any combination of five phones, tablets, or other USB charged gadgets all at once. This can plug into the wall, or into the USB port on your computer. It is very helpful if you have a shortage of ports. Another important trait is it can help you easier reach your USB plug in if you have a tower with a hard to reach port.

It comes with a cord that allows you to plug into your computer and then put the charger on your desk for your convenience and the safety of the items that are being charged. The most common shape of the charger is rectangular and most times the color is white or black. Imagine you are charging your phone and several of your friends drop in. After visiting a while and texting others, taking pictures and comparing items on your phones, the friends realize their phone needs charged. They can also charge their phone at the very same time you charge yours. Now imagine this turns in to an all out party. The longer the party the bigger chance of many people needing to charge all at the same time.

Why stop at five ports? What happens if you plug an additional 5-Port USB Charger into one of the five ports? You would have five additional ports to charge items from. Now you would have nine items you can charge at once, by theory.

I have not personally tried this but this led me to wonder, as you might by now, what happens if you keep putting another charger into the fifth port of the previous charger? You would now have thirteen items you can charge. Does it really work? I am not sure. Think of the possibilities! It reminds me of being given three wishes and each time for your last wish you wish for three more wishes. It would be endless. Of course your genie puts a limit to that and says it is not allowed, so there more than likely is a limit as to how many times you can do this with a charger and have it still function correctly. It would actually be more practical to just plug into a wall outlet.

Have you ever seen a network marketing plan? Start with one person and share an opportunity with five people. If each of these five share it with five more people, your business grows. If the presentation was done with USB chargers it would be very entertaining and I doubt it would be easily forgotten. Picture the original charger plugged in and it has a five foot long cord. Now picture five chargers plugged into the original charger, each with a five foot cord. Into each of these plug a charger. Picture the twenty five chargers, each with a five foot cord, stretched across the floor of the now shrinking room. This too, could go on endlessly. It also would be an impressive way to visualize how a business like that could grow.

As you can tell, there are some very practical reasons to have one of these chargers. How many you need and what exactly you will use yours for is strictly up to you.