Foldable Survival Bow

Foldable Survival Bow
$89.95 on Amazon
This compact take down bow has a 50/55 lb. draw with PVC riser and fiberglass limbs for archers to bear in the great outdoors or urban areas. Even the experienced or novice will appreciate the fine arrows, arrow rest and field points included. This bow will protect you from the denizens of the forest all the way to cunning squirrels of the city and all who see you will be envious.

You will not be thwarted from enjoying your time target practicing in the back yard against straw filled giants or the occasional zombie deer that happens to wander in. For the daring, you could try firing three arrows at once or upside down for the most extreme shots so always remember to never fire your bow without one. Doing so will damage your bow and you will be sad until it is fixed.

The weather may get in the way at times but with the easy assembly and lack of delicate computers this bow can even be used in deep ponds if you so desire. That's right, wonderful fried fish by the shoreline to enjoy and share with your friends or family. When you go camping, on a hike, or take the boat on an adventure you can store the five pound survival bow in its carrying case and take advantage of its greatest feature of being able to disassemble it. Then fiberglass/resin limbs assemble back together by slipping them into the brackets mounted to the riser. The bow requires no tools to assemble and you can just add string and it’s ready to protect or bring in dinner.

Whether you are in it for the survival or just need a bow that does not take up a lot of room for practice, this is the best choice. Most regular re-curve bows are not compact and can be quite costly.