Pokemon Collage Hat

Pokemon Collage Hat
$13.00 on Amazon
What do we have here? It appears a wild Pokemon collage hat has been spotted! For any Pokemon fans out there, this rare item features many popular Pokemon. Favorites such as Charizard, Pikachu, Squirtle and Snorlax take the center stage on the front of this adjustable snapback hat and are definitely the first thing your eyes are drawn to. This hat is sized for adults, but one size fits most and may be able to fit youngsters. This is also an official Pokemon hat rather than a really good knock off, so you can rest assured that your hat will actually have Pokemon instead of "Pokemans".

This epic snapback would be the perfect gift for any Pokemon fan among your friends and family. It is unisex, so fear not when you consider this for your daughter or niece who is a huge fan. They will enjoy this hat just as much as a boy would! From kids to adults and any age in between, this vibrant hat is a wonderful new accessory to add to any wardrobe collection as a token to make your outfit really pop. The color scheme varies as the Pokemon change, but the main colors are hues of orange and yellow if you like to color coordinate. Plus, Charizard's XP is pretty high, which will add to your overall fierceness for the day and who can argue with that?

For a fraction of what you would pay for a hat at the mall, you could order this one online with free shipping right to you in a timely fashion. Whether it's intended to be a gift or a new hat for yourself, there isn't a single reason to pass up on this ultimate match-up of all of the best characters from Pokemon. Any fan would enjoy wearing this hat while heading to Pallet Town to see Professor Oak!

I was excited to see my personal favorite Pokemon, Eevee, on the side of this adorable collage of all things good. If you have a favorite Pokemon, it's sure to be found some where on the lively print of this snapback. I was also very impressed by the attention to detail for each Pokemon featured on the hat. Not a single one has any visible flaws nor appear differently on the hat than they do in the games, cards, or shows.

The only difficult part about ordering this would be waiting a few days for it to arrive. I could possibly be spotted in the grass near the mailbox hoping to catch a wild mail-person with my trusty Masterball, and hope that I don't get too close and risk them fleeing! All in all, this nifty snapback hat is a must have for the Pokemon fan(s) in your life. One of the best accessories for any wardrobe is a statement making hat, and this collage of Pokemon is exactly that. A bold, brightly-colored statement that yes, Pokemon does indeed still rule, and the fans are of all generations!