R2-D2 Mug

$18.65 on Amazon
Finding the perfect gift for friends and family can sometimes be difficult. There is a solution though. Especially if the individual is a Star Wars fan, the R2-D2 mug is the perfect choice.

High Quality Workmanship

A high gloss finish makes this mug the perfect show piece for any Star Wars collection. The workmanship has covered almost every aspect and detail of the piece. Every bump and groove that can be found in the movie is carefully reproduced on this mug.

The color scheme is also meticulously reproduced to make this an original piece of art that will be loved by any Star Wars fan. Some complaints have been voiced through buyer reviews that state the paint feels a little gritty, and that the cleaning of the inside of the mug is difficult because of the level of ornateness.

Durable for Liquids

Fashioned to be a mug for drinking, the R2-D2 mug serves it purpose well. Whether hot or cold, the item does a sufficient job holding the drinks. While it is made for drinking many feel that it is a far better justice done to use it as a show piece in a collection.

The lid works well to keep hot liquids warmer longer. It also is the crowning glory of the mug when on a shelf or in a display. R2-D2 is well fashioned and even the arm of the mug is worked into the design flawlessly.

Whether fans are adults or children this is sure to delight as a surprise or as a gift at a special occasion. If seeking other characters in the Star Wars line, one should check out the full line of mugs and collectables available. Perfect for every day gifting, graduations, birthdays and special occasions these mugs are a great way to delight all Star Wars fans.