Hands Free Bottle Holder

Hands Free Bottle Holder
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We belong to a culture that values multitasking. No longer can we dedicate ourselves to one task at a time. With so much to do, hands free devices allow us to do more with the time we have available. Take your multitasking to the next level with the Hands Free Bottle Holder.

Nothing affects your ability to accomplish your daily tasks like children. This is even more true when it comes to the first year of a child's life. Between feedings, bathing, and other activities that make up your day, you will never be more hands-on in your child rearing as you are now.

Claim a small part of your freedom back with the Hands Free Bottle Holder. Now you can feed your child while having one (or potentially both!) hands available for other tasks. Whether you would like to catch up on your reading, peruse your social media accounts on your smartphone, shop online through your tablet, feeding yourself, or any other activity that could be accomplished with one free hand, this bottle holder is for you. It gives you the ability to answer the phone or door without having to disrupt the meal. You may even be able to enjoy an entire cup of coffee before it gets cold!

The bottle holder can be placed on the left or right shoulder, showing no bias to right or left-handed parents. The baby bottle slips into the cradle, and is held steady by design. This allows the bottle to be placed at a particular feeding angle, limiting the need for adjustment as the bottle empties. It can even be set vertically to keep it out of the way for a quick burping or cleaning up spit-up.

It can also be used to help dad get quality time with the baby. With proper positioning, this could simulate the breastfeeding experience. Strength the bond between father and baby, while also making meal time easier for everyone.

This product can also help with multiple births. Have twins? This could be a solution is successfully feeding both babies at once! Provide everything they need and cut total feeding time in half. Just buy two and have one twin positioned to each side.

Do you have other children who would like to get involved? It could also be used by younger siblings who would like to help in the feeding process. Under supervision (of course), this bottle holder can compensate for the smaller hands of a child who may have difficulties keeping the bottle in place and at the proper angle. Help them learn proper feeding position, band with their little brother or sister, and serve an important role in your baby's life.

The bottle holder comes in three gender neutral colors; yellow, orange and green. It is attractively packaged and it makes a great gift for the expectant mother or father in your life. Include it as part of a gift basket with bottles and then all the parents need to supply is the milk.