Lock Pick Practice Set

Lock Pick Practice Set
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Learning how to pick locks is a challenge. You have to develop a "feel" for when the pins have been moved, sensing almost instinctively when it's time to move on to the next one. For many individuals, this is the part of the lock picking process that's the most frustrating. How on earth are you supposed to know when you're getting close when you can't even see what you're doing? You can't just magically develop that instinctive feel!

The solution? This Lock Pick Practice Set. This lock is transparent, so you can see all the tumblers in action. That means that you can tell what you're doing with every move of the pick. Guide the pick into the right location, use it to shift each pin in turn, and see exactly where you are in the process. If you aspire to pick locks but don't have the instinct for it, this set is the perfect way to develop your skills.

There's just one detriment to the Lock Pick Practice Set: it's only a six-pin set, and it's not possible to reconfigure the lock for further practice. That means that once you've worked with it a few times, picking your practice lock will become second nature. Also, many people who pick locks on a regular basis caution that being able to see what you're doing won't completely train you to feel the way the pins move, which will cause you to grow even more frustrated when you move to a traditional lock. All in all, however, this is a great practice set that will give you the tools you need to start learning to pick locks.

Of course, there are a number of honest folk out there who wonder why on earth you might need to learn how to pick a padlock. Were it your padlock, you would easily be able to use the key to remove it. Lock picking skills aren't just for thieves, however. They have a number of legitimate uses. Security professionals, for example, might need to be able to open locks freely. Others might need to learn to remove locks that others have left on their property. Still others lose their keys all too frequently, making it necessary for them to be able to pick locks in order to regain access to their possessions. If any of these scenarios describe you, this Lock Pick Practice Set will be the perfect tool for learning how to correctly handle your lock picking needs.

From this set, you'll be able to easily move on, applying your skills to bigger and better projects. Ready for a bigger challenge? Visit your local hardware store and pick up a stack of padlocks. Each one will be different, so you'll have the ability to experiment with a variety of different locks in a controlled setting, when you won't be under pressure. Unable to figure those out? Simply return to the lock included in your practice set to get a feel for how it's supposed to be done all over again. Even better, you can continue to use the tools contained within the set as you progress on your lock picking journey. It's a kit that just keeps on being useful!