Cat Whack A Mouse

Cat Whack A Mouse
$16.99 on Amazon
Do you have a cat who likes to scratch?
At that or this, or this or that?

Consider this whack-a-mouse, and pause.
Think of your cat’s sharp little claws.

The mouse might say “ouch!”
But this will save your couch!

This cat whack a mouse toy is designed for an interactive and fun play time with cats. The mouse is actually a mouse face connected to a wooden wand. There are two different hole patterns to play with.

A User Review For You: "Very pleased with this cat toy. I don't usually purchase such items for my cat. I found the cat whack a mouse to be very sturdy and solid. The toy really entices my cat to swipe and charge the little fake mouse. The toy box seems strong and tough. It is made out of wood. The cat fabric has held up against many cat swipes. My hairless cat has a condition that prevents her from moving around too much. This toy is perfect because she plays while she is on the couch. I try not to play too long so that I don't overtax her. I strongly suggest this toy to keep cats in shape, they love it!"