Luxury Pet Couch

Luxury Pet Couch
$99.99 on Amazon
Do you feel that your pup is a prince or princess? Do you feel that they should live lavishly? If you answered yes, then you are not alone. Why shouldn't man's best friend have a bed fit for a king? They work hard being cute and cuddly, and chasing those tennis balls is hard work.

Now it's possible with this super plush dog bed. This ultra plush dream haven suits pups up starving in the 10-pound range. To sweeten the pot, this not only does this bed have storage for all your little cherub's toys, it is super easy to clean with a removable cover. How is that for ultra chic?

For pooches of distinguished tastes, there is a wide variety of styles to chose from including super slick suede to comfy pillow-top cotton. For those who like to live on the wild side with eclectic taste, there are also a wide variety of prints to chose from. No wallflowers here! For those who prefer more of a regal feel, your pup can relax on a wooden-framed leather bed, which blends in marvelously in the library or living space.

Your four-legged companion will feel comfy and cosy in their new retro chic bed ensuring you have blissful slumber along with your pet.