Clear Acrylic Trunk

Clear Acrylic Trunk
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Most trunks are designed of a solid material, such as a wood, metal or composite, which does make a beautiful piece of furniture, but it can be next to impossible to know what is inside of such a trunk. Due to this, if you are looking for a way to know exactly what is inside of a trunk, such as in your child's room, you need to check out the Transparent Acrylic Trunk by FH Home. This truck is completely transparent from all angles with the acrylic siding fitted into metal brackets so it is sturdy, yet clear. If you have trouble remembering what material is stored where, this is the best option for you.

You can use the Transparent Acrylic Trunk by FH Home as either a trunk or a table, plus it adds a rather nice effect to almost any room and keeps it feeling open. Plus, while the trunk is light weight it is also solid, so you don't need to worry about damaging the trunk at all. Plus, it can be difficult to have enough storage inside of a home, but this trunk provides you with extra storage instantly.

The lid comes housed with a flip open handle. The handle, when properly secured, locks into place and is not going to accidentally open, allowing you to avoid any spills that might happen with an unsecured lid. Along the side of the Transparent Acrylic Trunk there are handles as well, so if it is full and you need to move it, you don't need to remove all of the contents first. You just need to grab it by the handles and move it to a different location in the room. No matter what kind of room you have, the Transparent Acrylic Trunk by FH Home is perfect.