Four Person Pedal Car

Four Person Pedal Car
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Those smaller tandem bikes
are really not enough.
For the entire family,
this quadrocycle's up to snuff.

Fleets of bikes to get somewhere
are really not ideal.
Step into the bike pool lane
in these four-person wheels!

The company that produces these awesome vehicles calls them quad bikes or quadracycles. I think they look more like cars. A pedaling car for four. I want to get one for my family. If only I had an extra 5,000 laying around...

Some of you may, and if you do, I recommend you buy this thing. Imagine a nice evening out in the park. You know, the park next to that one body of water which is really near where you live. Yeah, that one. It's so beautiful over there. Big trees. Green grass. Wouldn't it make for a great time to pedal around with your family? I think so.

This bike vehicle has two sets of pedals on the back row. The back row is built for the adults. On the left, is the steering wheel and the hand brake. So, whoever is more responsible should sit on the left. You can pedal backwards. This may come in handy if you ever need to parallel park.

This thing is really cool. It would be a blast. BUT, if you are heavy, or if your family is really heavy, don't buy it. The maximum load amount is five hundred and fifty pounds. If you have four people, that only gives 137.5 pounds per person. I'm not sure why the maximum load is so low. You can always break the rule. It may be unsafe? I'm just not sure how unsafe. This product comes with a lifetime guarantee.