70 MPH Nerf Gun

70 MPH Nerf Gun
$39.99 on Amazon
If you've ever been engaged in a heated Nerf battle, you know that your weapon definitely counts. If you're using a cheap little Nerf gun that only shoots one dart at a time, you're going to be behind the times, cowering behind cover while everyone shoots at you. On the other hand, if you take to the field with this stunning 70 MPH Nerf gun, you'll command the field and have everyone hiding from you.

This gun is designed to be the perfect tool for any fight--especially one that you intend to win. It comes complete with 12 rounds and an extra magazine with an ambidextrous release so that no matter which hand you have free, you can always pop it out and head off to your next target. It has flip-up sights to make aiming and targeting easier than ever before, a jam clearing door that makes it easy to keep your gun running at peak efficiency, and a motorized blaster that will drive each shot home with the force you need to keep your opponents at bay.

It's even designed to be safe with little ones running about, checking out the battle and playing with any gun left unattended. The 70 MPH Nerf gun comes complete with a trigger lock that will keep little fingers from getting too curious. It will also stump unsuspecting opponents who don't have any idea why the gun isn't firing in their hands, giving you the perfect opportunity to get the drop on them with another weapon. Of course, that would mean relinquishing your weapon to the hands of the enemy, which is never a good idea.

The 70 MPH Nerf Gun is the perfect tool for all your Nerf battle needs. With it in your hands, you'll feel positively invincible, able to conquer any enemy and destroy any resistance. Whatever you're fighting for, this Nerf gun will help you attack, defend, and take care of any problems you might encounter along the way.

Just don't lose your weapon, soldier. This weapon, in the hands of the enemy, could be potentially devastating. Don't leave it sitting while you seek out an ammunition refill or check out someone else's weapon. Don't place it in the hands of the enemy just so they can "try it out." The potential consequences could be devastating.

Whether you're initiating a Nerf battle the moment your significant other comes home from work, setting up an epic game of Capture the Flag, or simply running around the back yard firing at random, the 70 MPH Nerf Gun is the perfect addition to your arsenal. All your Nerf gun needs are contained in this single gun, which will prepare you for battle as no other weapon you've ever handled before. This is Nerf to the extreme, and it's in your hands. The outcome of the battle could be determined by this weapon. Want to make it a little more fair? Put one in the hands of your opponents, too, and watch the darts fly. This is Nerf taken to the next level.