Perfect Pancake Batter Dispenser

Perfect Pancake Batter Dispenser
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The Perfect Pancake Batter Dispenser has been designed to make the life of the household chef easier, less messy, and faster. Pancake and cupcake batter can create some of the most sumptuous treats, but the road to those end products can be a mess. This pancake batter dispenser strives to eliminate the aggravation of drips and puddles, making the cooking experience more of a pleasure and less of a chore.


The dispenser may have "pancake batter" in its title, but that is not the only use it has. This tool can be employed for any cooking chore where pouring a controlled amount of batter is necessary. Below are the most popular choices for using a batter dispenser.

Pancakes and Crepes

The Perfect Pancake Batter Dispenser does its best to live up to its name by producing perfectly round, well-modulated pancakes. The use of a dispenser for this breakfast favorite can eliminate waste and prevent little drips that can burn on a griddle. Crepes can be created in much the same matter, but on a larger scale.


A batter dispenser can be a true gift when making large quantities of cupcakes for a bake sale, birthday party, or just because. Pouring the perfect amount of batter directly into a muffin cup over and over can be difficult, but the consequences of missing can result in a disappointing final product. At the least, batter dripped onto a rim of a muffin tin will burn, making clean-up a time consuming task.


An ideal portion of batter used for a waffle iron can sometimes be hard to determine and control. A dispenser can solve these problems, doling out the correct measurement each time.


The batter dispenser is made from stainless steel for durability and aesthetics. The tool looks professional and more expensive than plastic counterparts do. It is easy to fill and operate the device, making it useful for anyone of any age.


The dispenser cleans quickly and can be run through the dishwasher. A word of caution, however, never let the batter dry inside the dispenser. If the tool cannot be washed immediately after use, allow it to soak in soapy water to prevent the batter from hardening.

Possible Concerns

Thought the dispenser was intended to be leak proof, many customers have reported that the dispenser must be placed on a plate or towel to catch the drips once it is filled. In most cases, the dripping is a minor inconvenience, but this may be more of an issue for some people than others.

Rust has also been a complaint about the dispenser, but proper care of the tool should prevent any accumulation of rust. Keep the tool dry after washing, and do not allow it to sit for long periods of time filled with batter. Despite a couple of concerns, the pancake batter dispenser is a good tool and gets the job done quickly and efficiently.