Sushi Roll Towel

Sushi Roll Towel
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Sometimes all you need to tie a kitchen together is a fun statement piece. If you love quirky designs that are also functional, high quality, and attractive, then get a set of sushi roll towels! Properly folded these kitchen towels look just like futomaki, or thick, sushi rolls. They are entirely adorable without being gaudy or over the top.

Made of 100% cotton, these 13.4" x 13.4" towels are the ideal size and weight to swiftly become your go-to kitchen towel. Crafted in Japan! They are super absorbent without being too bulky to store easily. They will make clean up a breeze, all while making you smile every time you use them. For the everyday gourmand or the frozen pizza lover, these rolls of fun will fit into any home and cooking style.

The best part about these towels is their design versatility. Your kitchen doesn't need to be themed in any way for these to blend in while standing out. Unrolled, these towels are bold and geometric with sections of black, white, red, yellow, and green, so they work with almost any color scheme. Rolled, these are guaranteed to become a talking point for every guest who sees them, even if that point is "We should really go get some sushi!"

Why make home decor stodgy or uninviting when you can create a space full of personality and welcome? The secret to achieving a fun space is to collect a few genuinely enjoyable pieces for each room. A kitchen is the center of the home, a place of warmth and delicious things, so put a representation of that within it. You don't have to be a fan of raw fish to fall in love with these bundles of lighthearted fun.

If their design, quality, versatility, and aura of quirky cuteness doesn't sell you on these towels, then their price should. Anyone who has had to stock a new kitchen knows how quickly that can become a budget nightmare, and that price, function, and quality do not necessarily go hand in hand. All too often, you shell out a ton of money for something you use once before it breaks, or you use once, put in a drawer and never see again. These towels are designed with everyday use in mind. They are durable, machine washable, and reasonably priced. You mix many things in a kitchen, but these towels and buyer's remorse will never combine.

So go ahead! Treat yourself to fun, treat yourself to quirky, and treat yourself to a unique kitchen. Add something to your space that will brighten your day every time you use it. Show off a personal taste that runs to the slightly odd but wholly practical, all while investing in a product that will stand the test of time. 100% cotton and 100% wonderful, this is one weird Internet purchase that you will delight in for years to come. The sushi roll kitchen towel is an investment in a tidy kitchen and future laughs.