Land Yacht

Land Yacht
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Your legs have gone through a lot
to get you where you are.
It would be so nice
if they didn't have to work so hard.

Wind can move sailboats and birds,
but what about on land?
This land-based, wind-powered vehicle
is telling you that "you can"!

The wind is pretty neat. I wasn't really sure what it is or how it works. Like all good folks, I turned to Wikipedia to learn more. Did you know that wind is the product of gases doing their gasey thing? It makes me kind of nervous about wind, but, it usually doesn't smell and not all gases stink anyways.

Wind has been harnessed by the human race for quite some time. It has also been worshiped by various folks. It can be used to turn a wind turbine which then captures some of the wind's energy and power in the form of electricity. It has been used to help people have fun. Think of hang gliding, riding in a hot air balloon, or windsurfing without wind? It just isn't the same.

This land yacht or land sailor is wind power approved. It comes with one awesome sail that measures thirty five and a half square feet and is made of some really high-tech material: Dacron. It is the same exact stuff that is used by top notch sailboats and yachts. Again, let me repeat, this is some nice material.

In reading about the land yacht, I learned that it can zoom along at a pretty fast pace, 25 miles per hour to be exact. But, that all depends on the wind. You may need to learn the art of proper wind dances. You can Google it. Going that fast may make you worried about stopping? Yeah, me too. There is a hand lever break included. The company says they engineered this craft to have a smooth and even stopping experience with the hand break.

The land Yacht is fairly easy to transport. It comes with transportation bags that are no bigger than 4 feet long. They kind of look like tent bags. Interestingly, you steer the land yacht with your feet. No joke. There is a twelve inch foot wheel up front.

Fake User Reviews For You: "I am afraid of water but have always wanted to experience the joys of sailing. This product was the perfect solution! I love that I can sail around while being no where near water. I am impressed with how fast I can go, with the right conditions. The sailor seems to be really, really well made. The materials are sturdy yet light, perfect for sailing!"

"Arr matey! You'll feel like a pirate in no time."