The Art of Manliness Book

The Art of Manliness Book
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It takes a lot to be a modern gentleman. There are many skills that go into the task of being a man, many of which are no longer taught in society. It's difficult to learn these skills on your own, and even if you have a father on hand to guide you, he might be a man of few words who would rather teach through example than through giving you the solid instruction that you really need. Don't worry! The Art of Manliness Book is here to help you learn all the skills you need to be a true gentleman in this modern era.

Some skills are intuitive. Everyone seems to know them, but you're fumbling just to figure out the right way to go about it. No longer! The Art of Manliness will give you instruction in a variety of fields, from how to behave as a house guest so that you'll be sure to be invited back to how to construct the perfect proposal for the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. Need to know how to fight like a gentleman? Everything you need to know is contained within this book. Have you always struggled with the appropriate technique for hugging another man? Now, you won't have to worry anymore. The Art of Manliness contains everything you need to know.

With advice from everyone from Teddy Roosevelt to Benjamin Franklin, you can't go wrong! The Art of Manliness will talk you through some of the most awkward situations in everyday life, giving you a set of tools that you could need at any moment. You don't want to wait until you need it to learn how to perform a fireman's carry. Starting a fire without matches sounds like a great skill to have, but somehow, you never get around to learning it when you're in a controlled environment. The Art of Manliness will walk you through all these vital tasks, giving you the skills that you need to survive as a modern man.

Your Burning Questions Answered

Q: I've always been kind of a geek. Will this book help me be the kind of man that women will be attracted to?

A: The book can't take away your natural tendencies, so if you're a geek, you're probably always going to be a geek. On the other hand, this book will give you all the advice you need to develop into a suave, capable gentleman. With it, when you find the right lady, you'll have all the tools you need to impress her, attract her, and keep her safe.

Q: Teddy Roosevelt and Benjamin Franklin are the guides? Are you sure this is an appropriate book for today's man?

A: There are many skills that are necessary across generations, not just across a few years. Understanding how to be a gentleman is one of those skills. Many concepts like chivalry have started to disappear from modern society. Through this book, you'll learn to resurrect those skills and behave like a man, not like a Neanderthal.

Q: I think this learning to be a man stuff is great, but don't women want equality and to be treated like they're capable of doing everything men can?

A: Sure, women want to be equal. They wanted to be treated like they're capable and competent, the fact that they can open their own doors and change their own tires openly acknowledged. They also want to be cherished and protected. This book will help you find the balance between the two.