LEGO Yellow Adult Watch

$95.00 on Amazon
How many times a day do you look at your watch? Assuming it’s at least a dozen, this awesome watch will make you smile every time you gaze into the eyes of that happy yellow Lego face. Color has a powerful impact on our moods, and yellow promotes feelings of cheerfulness and inspiration.

Fend off boring and tedious people! Wearing this watch means that you like to have fun and are not overly serious. Spread the happiness! Have a friend or loved one who could use some yellow? The watch even comes in a really nifty little box.

Wearing this watch will invite comments and start conversations. Start chatting while you stand in elevators, ride the subway, or stand in line at Starbucks! Are you afraid it will look like you’re wearing a kid’s watch? Not to worry, this watch is adult size!

A few good things to know about this watch are that it comes with four different colored band pieces so you can make it more colorful. It also comes with an alternative black bezel. The watch is quartz, and has a mineral crystal window which is highly scratch resistant. It uses a stainless steel fold over push - button safety clasp. It is water resistant up to 100 meters and has a yellow smiley Lego face on the dial. The watch has a second hand and the date which displays the day of the month only.

This can be a bold addition to your watch collection, especially if you are one of the gold and stainless steel types. One of the main colors in Lego is yellow. It is the original color of all the faces of the figures, so this watch has Lego written all over it.

If you want to do a him/her watch combo there is also a Happiness watch in black with a yellow Lego face on the dial. Be happy!