Hundred Dollar Bill Tissues

Hundred Dollar Bill Tissues
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I suppose all of us have fantasies of being so rich we can use money in other ways besides saving or spending. One of the most popular fantasies is having "money to burn." One popular image is of using a burning bill to light a cigarette or cigar to show off our wealth- if only we had any!

Don't have money to throw away? No problem. There are on the market, tissues or napkins that are made to look like 100 dollar bills.

These tissues are sure to be popular decorating a dinner table when guests arrive. This is a sure way to amuse your guests. Another way to have fun is to offer one of the napkins when someone asks you for a tissue. The look on their face will be priceless!

When you are in a public place, you can try blowing your nose with one of them and throw it away, will someone go after it and pick it up? Maybe yes, maybe no. You can have some more fun when you put some of the tissues in your wallet and take them out in front of your friends. For a wonderful second, they will be fooled.

These 100 dollar bill tissues are available online and are reasonably priced. These bill tissues are not the same size and texture as the real thing, but at first glance, they certainly do the trick. Have fun!