Fence Window For Dogs

Fence Window For Dogs
$41.99 on Amazon
All those noises
moving on the other side of the fence
are the only mystery
among the things your dog can sense.

Even such a little peek
might put their mind at ease;
and now they can just poke about
and see stuff when they please!

If I were a dog, I wouldn't like to be fenced in all day. I can totally understand why they crawl under or jump over fences. I've heard many dogs get injured this way. No good.

Do you have a curious dog? Do you have a midget that lives with you? Are you, yourself, a midget? If so, adding these windows to your fence may be a sweet, sweet move.

The manufacturer says they are easy to install. I was skeptical. After doing some research and reading a few reviews, the claim seems true. People say you can install these fence windows in less than thirty minutes.

The manufacturer also says they are easy to clean because of the acrylic material that the window is made out of. Again, the claims seem true. All you need to do is hose it off.

A User Review For You: "I have a very curious dog. He is always trying to see what's going on on the other side of the fence. He sometimes chews on the fence. That was a bad problem. I bought the fence window for dogs as a desperation move. It was really quite easy. Easier than I had though. Now, my dog just looks at things through the window. No more chewing. That makes me happy."