Tupac Mask

Tupac Mask
$12.05 on Amazon
From a tough life to a thug life,
you may not relate to that strife,
but if you can keep your head up
you can shoo-in with this getup.

Put on the mask and remember the past,
the inspiration almost unsurpassed,
and feel like you've got 2pac's style
if only for a little while.

The tupac mask is made of vinyl material. It comes in one size that fits all adults. This mask is meant to be worn for fun and will not bring Tupac back to life. However, the mask will help you feel the California love. Shake, shake, and bake!

A User Review For You: "No joke, whenever I wear this mask my puppy goes crazy. She hates it. I love it. The details on the mask are excellent. I feel the power of Tupac when I wear this mask."