Paper Airplane Doorstop

Paper Airplane Doorstop
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When the weather is nice you can't get enough fresh air. There's no better way to prop open your front door than with a paper airplane doorstop. It's much more exciting than the typical wedge doorstop, or a rock. Made from a durable plastic its a dead ringer for a perfectly folded paper airplane that made its landing just under your door.

Probably the best part about this, is that you can gift it! It would be odd to wrap up a wedge doorstop, but this creatively unique paper airplane is genius! This is an item that can work as a gift for nearly everyone in your life.

Many people in the aviation industry would think this is cool to receive. Do you know any pilots or members of the Air Force? They would love this as a gift to remind them that their wings will always open doors for them. Plus it's durable enough to travel with them.

A teacher could appreciate one, because it would look just like the ones that whiz past their head while delivering a lesson. This would work for home or the classroom. Alternatively it would make a great gift for a student, even a college student. However make sure no one mistakes it for an actual paper model and tosses it in the trash!

Some reviews state it works better on carpet than wood or tile floors. The airplane has a semi-sticky surface on the bottom to help it grip and stay in place. Other reviews stated it held open strong old doors and held up to wind gusts, which is more than you could expect from a real paper airplane.

There aren't many people who don't have fond memories of paper airplanes. Whether they were able to perfectly execute building and flying them, or not, this doorstop will be a great gift for anyone whom has a door.