Pangolin Backpack

Pangolin Backpack
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O Pangolin, O Pangolin, the scaly anteater
whose scales have inspired the design of a neater

backpack that's made out of repurposed tires.
O Trenggiling, see all the work you've inspired!

No zips to get stuck, no clasps to be broken,
but magnets keep the bag both closed and opened.

This Pangolin backpack is made of reused inner tubes. The shell layers are retractable and held by magnets. The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded. The back support is designed to increase airflow and comfort.

A Fake User Review For You: "I wear my Pangolin backpack without a shirt on, always. The straps feel so soft and nice against my bare skin. You should try wearing one without a shirt on. You'll thank me later. The Pangolin backpack is THE ONLY backpack for me."