LEGO Ice Cube Tray

LEGO Ice Cube Tray
$15.99 on Amazon
If you like construction
out of chocolate, ice, or candy,
LEGO molds are the first choice
for this modus operandi.

Cool it down and quickly
you should have some solid bricks,
so you can build a house
made out of tasty things to lick!

This is an ice cube tray that creates LEGO bricks! You can make ice if you want, or, you can create candy and other LEGO bricks. The trays are made from 100 percent food safe silicone material. These trays are even safe in the oven up to four hundred degrees. Ofcourse, they are safe in the freezer!

A User Review For You: "I used this mold to create LEGO crayons with! All you have to do is break crayons into little pieces and feel the molds with the pieces. Then, you put them in the oven at 220 degrees. Let the LEGO crayons cook for 20 minutes. I have found that because the mold is a little bendy, you'll want to put it on a baking sheet in the oven. When you pull out the crayons, make sure you mix them to ensure that the crayon material and colors are all mixed up together. I then, put them in the freezer for awhile. Once they were cool, there wasn't a problem getting them out. I love this silicone tray. There are so many different LEGO projects you can do with it!"