Lipstick Lighter

Lipstick Lighter
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There's just something about a lighter that you can conceal in your purse or your pocket that gives you a secret thrill. You know what it is; unless someone just goes digging, they have no way of figuring out exactly what's inside this unique package. The beautiful, classy "stick of lipstick" appearance is entirely misleading. As soon as you open up your lipstick lighter, it's clear that its purpose is not to add a little bit of color to your lips. It's to start a fire!

This gorgeous lipstick lighter might not have all the firepower and fun of the Lipstick Taser popularized by Despicable Me 2, but the fun keeps on coming all the same. You'll feel like a secret agent every time you pull out your lighter, surprising your friends with what's really in your hand. Freshening your lipstick at a time like this? Oh, no, you're reaching straight for a candle. Adding a bit of color to your cheeks? No, you're getting ready to light your cigarette. No matter what your lighter needs might be, the lipstick lighter is a light, portable, classy choice that you'll love showing off in public. It can go wherever you can, blending with any outfit and showcasing your unique style.

The lipstick lighter is refillable, so you'll be able to use it for a long time to come. Simply fill with butane and you'll be ready to go. You can set the world on fire with this gorgeous lighter designed with your convenience and taste in mind.

Your Burning Questions Answered

Q: If I carry the lipstick lighter, will it make me look like a secret agent? I've always wanted to be just like Lucy.

A: Your lipstick lighter won't take down bad guys from a distance, nor does it make a particularly effective weapon--unless, of course, you'd like to combine it with hairspray or another source of aerosol. Since that can be dangerous for more than just your target, we don't recommend using the lipstick lighter as a weapon--no matter how much it makes you feel like a secret agent. However, if you have frequent candle, cigarette, or campfire-lighting emergencies, then the lipstick lighter is probably perfect for your purposes.

Q: How durable is the lipstick lighter? Can I take it on secret, hiking and camping...with me?

A: Many reviewers have found that the lipstick lighter isn't particularly durable. While there's some question about whether or not those reviewers have refilled the lighter properly, you should probably assume that the lighter needs to be treated fairly delicately. For this reason, it's not recommended that you take the lighter along with you on secret missions, particularly if the lighter is a crucial part of the plan. However, with normal use, the lipstick lighter should hold up just fine.

Q: Does the lipstick lighter come with handy suggestions for use?

A: Unfortunately, due to its use as a secret device, the lipstick lighter does not come with instructions that are accessible to civilians. Your contact will be in touch concerning instructions about your lipstick lighter as soon as possible.