Harry Potter Coloring Book

Harry Potter Coloring Book
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Adult coloring books are known to relieve stress and anxiety, provide a creative outlet, and allow grownups a more intricate and detailed way to use their colored pencils, crayons, and markers than simply stealing their children's coloring books. For adults who also happen to be Harry Potter fans, this Harry Potter Coloring Book is the perfect product. With a variety of intricately detailed pages that appear to have been created by several different artists, this book provides the perfect coloring experience that will transport Harry Potter fans into scenes from the iconic series while allowing the weight of the world to slide away.

With detailed images that come primarily from the movie, this coloring book gives Harry Potter fans the ability to redesign their favorite moments. Want the Gryffindor Quidditch team to play in gold robes instead of red this year? Prefer that Slytherins walk about in robes as black as their hearts? It's all in the hands of the artist. Fans who are deeply attached to the original look of the series are able to simply replicate the original, especially since there are glossy pages at the back of the book that show exactly how the movie stills were originally rendered. For the more imaginative, the sky is the limit--and that sky can go plenty high for Harry Potter fans, who usually have broomsticks tucked in their closets.

The coloring book features several two-page images that are printed across the glued binding, allowing for a larger picture than is possible with a single-page design. One complaint that many reviewers have issued, however, is that the book is printed on both sides, making it unsuitable for many adult coloring enthusiasts, who prefer a cleaner design in case markers or other materials leak through. These users find that they are more pleased when they're able to copy the pages out of the book, using the image without having to worry about what's on the other side. The non-perforated pages do ensure that the pages stay firmly in the book, but they add the increased challenge of being unable to remove the pages cleanly if the owner desires to use them for display outside the book.

In addition to scenes from the movie, the Harry Potter Coloring Book also has several pages of repeating designs which are very familiar to many adult coloring book fans. It is definitely designed for adults rather than children: the young Harry Potter fan in your life might not be able to fully appreciate the intricate designs on many of the pages. On the other hand, there are simple designs on several pages that will make the book easy enough for young hands to manage. It would be a wonderful project for, for example, an adult and child to complete together. Even better, an adult Harry Potter fan can color alongside their child while the child uses a different book, enjoying the experience together while coloring at the level appropriate to each artist.

The Harry Potter Coloring Book is a fantastic addition to the resurgence in Harry Potter merchandise. Many fans are relieved to see the release of new items that will allow them to share their fandom with the world--and that includes their adult coloring habits. Whether you're a Harry Potter fan or looking for a gift for the fan in your life, you don't have to question whether or not, after all this time, it's still appropriate to enjoy that fandom. The answer is simple: Always.