USS Enterprise Key Chain

USS Enterprise Key Chain
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We have all reached for a button on our dashboard pretending to fire photon torpedoes at the jerk who just cut us off. Shifting into fourth gear imagining the shift is into warp factor four. Wishing we were strolling alien planets rather than heading once more to the cubicle.

If Picard, Crusher, and Data can stroll across alien worlds and relax in the holodeck, why can't we? Why can't we fly through the stars on a continuing mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before? Why can't you take to the stars in your own Enterprise?

You may not be able to give your sedan photon torpedoes or your hybrid coupe a warp drive. You certainly can not use your trunk as a replicator or the back seat as a holodeck. However, you can give your keys a bit more imagination. The Star Trek USS Enterprise NC-1701-D key chain allows at least your keys to have the fun you have been missing out on.

This officially licensed replica cast from zinc steel alloy with a pewter finish will put Captain Picard's ship right in your pocket. Sturdy durable construction means years of appreciating your very own star ship. Straight from the show details make this a fantastic item for any collector or casual fan.

You may never take a peek through Geordi La Forge's visor or engage in hand to hand combat with Lieutenant Commander Worf, but you can drive with their ship in your pocket. The Star Trek USS Enterprise NC-1701-D key chain is the perfect accessory for your own keys or the keys of the Trekkies in your life. With the Enterprise on your keys, no one will look twice when you command, "Make it so" as you turn your ignition and shift into drive.