Bubble Wrap Suit

Bubble Wrap Suit
$24.99 on Amazon
If you're moving
and you need to be handled with care
we've got you covered
with some neat protective wear.

You'll never chip or break
with some bubbles wrapped around.
So when you travel
you can do so feeling safe and sound!

Do you remember getting a gift for Christmas or your birthday that was wrapped in bubble wrap? I do! As a kid, it was pretty fun to pop the bubbles. I now have a three year old son, when I pop the bubble wrap he gets scared and tells me to never do it again. Hopefully he grows out of it.

This bubble wrap suit is for grown-ups. It's too big for small people and children to wear. There is a hooded jacket and some pants. You put them on and then you are wearing a bubble wrap costume. It's pretty awesome.

The things you can do with your suit on are almost endless. Seriously. You can do everything with it on that you can do with it off. Imagine golfing with it on. Superb Tee shot, Mr. Bubble Wrap Suit Guy. How about swimming? Lovely breast stroke popping fishy guy.