Herb Scissors

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Spring is here and that means it's time for gardeners, both the novice and the expert, to plant the seeds indoors and prepare the soil outdoors for the bounty of the summer. A window box or flowerbed herb garden is an easy, fun and health changing endeavor for young and old.

Fresh herbs give the immune system a step-up in several ways:

-Rosemary will boost your brain power
-Peppermint is good for your gut
-Oregano will cool down that inflamation
-Are your nerves frazzled? Basil is the herb for you
-Is your face telling your age? Sage is packed with antioxidents and antiseptics to help you fight early aging

Once your plants are in the ground, they are resilient and fast growing. It won't be long before you will be able to add them to everything.

Your herb scissors will make cutting and adding fresh herbs to your diet easier than you can imagine. The scissors have 5 sharp blades, all side by side and evenly spaced. Clip the desired amount of herb from the plant and bring it inside for a quick rinse. Then all you have to do is snip, snip, snip and you will have a sweet, uniform pile of fresh herbs ready for the salad, the cocktail, or the stewpot.

Don't forget the latest health craze, juicing and smoothies. Imagine the ease of adding some peppermint to your yogurt berry blast or a taste of thyme in with your green immunity boost.

You might want to consider ordering a few extra pairs of scissors. You can plan to:

Give a pair to your grandmother
Place a pair in your craft/sewing/ room or your woodshop
Keep a pair of herb scissors for outdoor use

Who wouldn't want fresh herbs, a fun way to chop them, health and vitality, and great tasting foods? These scissors are so fun, you'll find yourself adding herbs to your ice-cream!