Motorcycle Pizza Cutter

Motorcycle Pizza Cutter
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Nothing bonds a group of people like a love of motorcycles. Whether it is the freedom of the open road, wind in your hair, or the rebel biker gang association of outlaws in leather vests, motorcycles are a passion for many. Whether the interest is yours, or maybe your ol' lady's, you can now enjoy driving your hog in the kitchen!

Enter the Motorcycle Pizza Cutter. Now you can chop pizza slices with a choppered out motorcycle designed for the task. The long arms support a mean, lean cutting machine of a front tire pizza cutter made eye-catching stainless steel. Just cruise your way to pizza bliss, handling pepperonis like a boss. Just try not to make engine noises as you take this chopper for a ride.

The color scheme involves lots of classic matte black, sure to appeal to everyone, with bright red highlights ... and we all know adding red makes it go faster! The back tires has nice deep trend to make gripping the mozzarella road easier than ever, managing pizza sauce puddles with ease. Sturdy handlebars make carving a breeze. With cornering control like its on rails, who says pizza must be cut in straight lines as you take your rebel spirit out for a ride! Just be sure to have your Brain Bucket handy, or at least a napkin to catch drips.

This pizza cutter isn't just a unique addition to your kitchen, it makes a great gift for motorcycle enthusiasts and pizza lovers alike. Whether you are a Weekend Warrior or a Ride Captain, you will get all of the performance you would expect from a traditional pizza cutter just with more personal style. A kitchen gadget that speaks directly to who you are in your soul.

Measuring over 8 inches long, this is a substantial kitchen tool. The texture along the tank and seat area provide a solid gripping surface, making it an ideal tool for pan of thin crust pizzas alike. The design is also surprisingly ergonomic and the hard tail design provides a sense of stability. It is light weight enough to use for larger gatherings with multiple pizzas with little fatigue, but heavy enough the feel substantial, as a motorcycle should.

The stainless steel pizza wheel spins with a little pressure making it easier to use than a traditional kitchen knife when cutting pizza. The wheel is also very easy to clean with just a little soap and water. It is also dishwasher safe for those times when hand washing is not realistic. The stainless steel will also resist rust and chipping when used and stored properly, allowing for long-term use. Further, the cutting wheel is tall enough to pass through deep dish pizzas layered high with toppings and extra cheese.

This is one kitchen tool you won't want to hide in a kitchen drawer. It deserves a position of prominence! See your friends seethe with envy as you bring out the pizza crushing horse power of the Motorcycle Pizza Cutter.