D20 Mug

D20 Mug
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If you're a dungeon master or tabletop game fanatic, the perfect product for you has just arrived: this D20 Mug. Whether you're hoping to get your morning shot of caffeine or looking for a stylish way to bring your brew to the table during one of those endless all-night sessions, this mug is the perfect addition to your gaming ensemble. With its familiar design, it will raise up warm feelings in even long-retired gamers--and that's not just the coffee talking.

The D20 Mug will hold 12 ounces of your morning drink: whether tea or hot chocolate, giving you plenty of quantity for your immediate hot beverage needs. Okay, it's not enough to keep you drinking all night long; but that's what the coffee pot in the corner is for! In the meantime, you'll be able to impress all of your friends with the unique design of your favorite mug. As an added bonus, it will be easy to pick out of the clutter of mugs on the table--at least until everyone decides to get one. Your mug can also be used as a display in your office, to hold pens, paper clips, or other small items on your desk, or even to hold your dice collection. Note: the ceramic is fragile enough that it probably shouldn't be used to transport the dice, especially since the lid simply rests on top instead of fastening on.

Your Burning Questions Answered

Q: I like my hot drinks, and I like it going through my system as soon as possible! Does the design on this mug make it hard to drink from?

A: While this mug is certainly usable for its intended purpose (it wouldn't be much of a "mug" if you just set it on your desk or in a shelf to hold your dice collection, right?), it may be a little bit awkward to drink from, especially at first. The easiest way to get a good drink is to turn it a little bit so that you're drinking from one of the points of the die. Note: first thing in the morning, this can have interesting results.

Q: I love this mug, but I'm lazy. Can it go in the microwave and dishwasher?

A: The product is microwave and dishwasher safe. It's also safe for handling very hot coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or anything else you'd like to put in your nice, hot mug.

Q: The lid is cute and all, but if I'm really using the mug, not just displaying it on a shelf, does it have a purpose?

A: It depends. Do you ever drink hot tea that's made with a bag? If so, the lid will trap the heat in the cup while you allow your brew to steep. It's also handy if you're drinking your hot drink slowly instead of gulping it down and wishing you could turn it into a caffeine IV. It's a fantastic addition if you have kids at home: the lid improves your odds of getting to drink your coffee while it's still at least lukewarm substantially.