Giraffe Toilet Paper Holder

$19.99 on Amazon
If you are looking for functional and distinctive decor, the Giraffe Toilet Paper Holder will be a gem in your household. Standing tall at 18.5 inches, this cast-iron giraffe is the perfect size to place a roll of paper towels on and is sturdy enough to stand on his own. Yet the Giraffe Toilet Paper Holder is more than functional; it is an element of luxury.

Guests will adore the miniature animal that stands on the kitchen counter and pampers them with paper towels. While you may not be able to afford a butler to cater to your whims, you will at least have service employed full time to dispense towels. The giraffe provides assistance to you and your guest while creating an atmosphere of whimsy. Unlike other servers, however, this giraffe does not accept tips!

When he is not busy distributing paper goods, this rust giraffe is the accent piece for which your furnishings have been begging. This distinguished art piece will inspire conversation and daydreams of childhood trips to the zoo. Place him on a mantle so he can gaze majestically over the fireplace, or set him on an end table on top of magazines. Provide him his own table with a spotlight shining down upon him for guests to awe at and compliment excessively.

However, when your stock of toilet paper overgrows and threatens the aesthetics of your bathroom, do not be afraid to remove the giraffe from the spotlight. He will gladly store the excess rolls on his long neck. There is no need to hide toilet paper away in the cabinet beneath the sink when such a magnificent creature will display it proudly.

Above all else, one very important comment can be made about this product: it is cute. Paper towel holders are rarely adorable, and that is what makes this giraffe so special. He will surely be an asset to any home.