Huge Hershey’s Bar

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Who doesn't love chocolate? You love chocolate, right? You enjoy eating chocolate. You love candy bars and you like to down them whenever you can. Now, there is a chocolate bar that just might be a little too big to down in one sitting. If you are looking for the ultimate chocolate bar, then you are in luck.

This Huge Hershey's Bar is amazing. This bar is bigger and better than all of the other chocolate bars out there. Created for the chocolate fan like yourself, this bar is the bar of your dreams. If you love chocolate, you have found the treat that you will love beyond all others.

Who wants to have the chance to enjoy over five pounds of chocolate? Wouldn't you love to eat chocolate until you're sick? This Huge Hershey's Bar gives you that opportunity. This bar is made of high quality chocolate, chocolate that is just waiting to be enjoyed.

This bar is delicious, it is high quality, it is ready to be enjoyed. This bar can be melted down to coat other delicious food items, it can be cut up to be shared, and it can provide you with all of the chocolate that you need for a few months.

Have a friend or family member who loves chocolate just as much as you do? Looking for a gift for that friend or family member that is completely fun and unique? If so, this bar will meet your needs.

This bar would make an amazing gift for any special occasion - from birthdays to weddings. This bar will surprise the recipient, offering them something that they definitely weren't expecting. If you know someone who can't go a day without chocolate, then this giant candy bar makes for the perfect gift for him or her.