DeathStalker Expert Gaming Keyboard

$189.99 on Amazon
You have bought the best graphics card known to man. You have honed your skills in all your favorite games so that you are now an unstoppable gaming machine. All the newbs hear your name and tremble. You are facing down your arch nemesis on the latest fighter game when you hit two keys at the same time, your keyboard ghosts one of the keys, your expect combo move is ruined and you’re character is decapitated. Fatality!

Some keyboards have difficulty when two or more keys are pressed at the same time. Many keyboards can’t recognize multiple keys at once and so the extra keys you press may be lost. Gaming keyboards have anti-ghosting which prevents this from happening. This DeathStalker Expert Gaming Keyboard recognizes up to ten keys being pressed at once, so unless you start playing games with your toes too, this keyboard should prevent any ghosting keys.

The keyboard also has a cool green black light that will add the perfect spooky flare if you enjoy horror games with the lights off, and a wrist rest so you can avoid any of the wrist pain that can come from long gaming sessions.

Additionally the DeathStalker Expert Gaming Keyboard comes with the ability and software to make macros, combing various keys together so that in the heat of battle you can send off your favorite combos with much less button pressing, saving time and potentially saving your character’s life.

Both the keys and the keyboard itself are very low, meaning that the angle of the board may not be one that you are used to and the keys will press much more quickly than in other keyboards, so it might take you a little while to get used to the different feel when typing and at first you'll probably find yourself making typos that normally you would have avoided.