Mini USB Vacuum

Mini USB Vacuum
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Eating over your computer is always a gamble. Even if you're the neatest person in the world, there's a good chance that a few crumbs are going to escape, piling up on your keyboard. Worse are the spills: not quite enough to render your keyboard useless, but bad enough that you find yourself wishing that you had something on hand to clean it out. You don't want to stop eating over your computer. After all, there's work to be done! There are games to be played! There are cute cat pictures to look at, and friends to check up on through your social media accounts! Your keyboard, however, is beginning to show the effects of your eating habits.

The Mini USB Vacuum is the perfect solution to all of your computer cleaning needs. Go ahead: eat over your computer as usual. When you're done, plug this unique product into your computer's USB port. It needs no external power. No batteries are required. Just plug it in and vacuum up the evidence of your eating, leaving your keyboard clean and free of any incriminating particles once more.

Don't Interrupt That Gaming Session for a Snack

Have you ever been grinding away at a gaming session--or worse, in the middle of an intense fight that needs every ounce of your attention--when the rumble of your stomach let you know that you needed to eat something soon? You don't want to just walk away from your game in the middle of a campaign, especially not if there are friends online counting on your presence! With this new vacuum, you don't have to. Go ahead and eat as usual, then vacuum up when you're done: it's that simple!

Hide the Evidence of Lunch at Your Desk

You've got a major presentation due in just a couple of hours, and you don't have time to go out for lunch. Unfortunately, you also don't want your laptop keyboard to look like you never bother to get out of the office! Just pull out your Mini USB Vacuum, and the evidence of lunch at your desk will disappear in an instant.

Keep Studying Through Your Meal Breaks

When you're a college student, you don't always have time to eat on a regular schedule. Stop sweating it! With this vacuum cleaner, you can keep working through your meal breaks, pausing only for a quick cleanup before you return to your studies. Your computer will still look fresh and clean when you're done.

Clear Out the Dust

Sometimes, it's not about what you've eaten. It might be a result of all the things you've handled without washing your hands before you touch your computer, or it might just be the fact that your computer sits in your office day after day, collecting dust. You want it to shine beautifully again. When you do your other regular cleaning tasks, just pull out your vacuum and use it to clean off your keyboard. It's as simple as that!

This little vacuum is the perfect tool for cleaning up your computer keyboard, removing crumbs from your monitor (the joke wasn't really that funny, but you managed to spit crumbs anyway!), or any other small cleaning task around your office. You like a neat, tidy desk. The Mini USB Vacuum can help make that happen.'