Game of Thrones Cookbook

Game of Thrones Cookbook
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Reading a novel from George R.R. Martin can make you ravenous with the exciting dialogue. Every page is dripping with a delectable description of food. Game Of Thrones fans Sariann Leher and Chelsea Monroe-Cassel have created a cookbook fit for a king.

Though you may not have live doves or an easily accessible camel, surely you will be able to find a suitable substitute when preparing one of these delicious recipes. Whether you are wanting to prepare a deadly cocktail or a feast fit for royalty, this cookbook has exactly what you want.

A Feast Of Ice And Fire contain more than 100 recipes with vivid color photographs. It is divided into regions.

The Wall: Rack of Lamb: To satisfy those meat-eaters in your clan, you have a wide array of choices. For example, rack of lamb with herbs, pork pie, mutton in onion-ale broth, as well as mulled wine to wash it down.

The North: Heading in the opposite direction to feed a hungry clan, you could try one of the following; beef and bacon pie, honeyed chicken or roasted leeks with aurochs.

The South: Warm up with trout wrapped in bacon, sister's stew or stewed rabbit with blueberry tarts.

King's Landing: Quail drenched in butter is sure to satisfy. Almond- crusted trout and iced milk with honey will conquer any hungry man's appetite.

Dorne: Stuffed grape leaves, duck with lemon and a hearty side dish of chickpea paste will please all.

Across the Narrow Sea: Bacon and biscuits, honey-spiced locusts, winter cakes and Tyroshi honey fingers. Diversity is key to keeping your clan happy.

Accompanying the delicious recipes found in this book, you will also find a how-to guide for entertaining and dining. There are beautiful full-color photographs that will make your mouth water, and excerpts from all five of the books in the series.