Self Sealing Water Balloons

Self Sealing Water Balloons
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One of the most frustrating parts of dealing with water balloons is getting them tied properly. Whether it is keeping the end pinched closed while you try to form the knot, or the deep pressure lines across your fingers from wrapping the balloon around them, getting the balloons properly tied can be a burden. Now there is a knot-free solution to your problem, the Self Sealing Water Balloon.

You can enjoy these water balloons in three easy steps. First, fill the balloon with water using the included filling nozzle. Next, pull the end tight and release it, enjoying the snapping sound it makes. Third, THROW! These eliminate the need to tie the ends in order to enjoy a water balloon.

Worried about all of the busted water balloons harming the environment. Made of biodegradable latex, clean up can be quick. You can use these with a clear conscious even if you don't find all of the broken pieces.

Now that all of the benefits are covered, there appear to be a few caveats (or warnings) to go along with enjoying this simple concept. If you are going to prefill a large number or balloons for an epic water balloon fight, be sure to store the balloons with the sealed end up. The capsule that seals the end works best when the balloon is stored vertically, otherwise the balloons may leak if the capsule shifts out of the neck of the water balloon.

Additionally, the capsule is water soluble. If you are storing the balloons empty for long periods, make sure the bag is well sealed to keep excess moisture away from the balloons. When full of water, you cannot store them for long as the capsule will dissolve over time. It is also best to avoid storing too many on top of one another, as the pressure may cause water to leak past the capsules as well.

Another issue with the capsules, they will stick to surfaces. There are some reviews that suggest they may cause damage to almost anything they come in contact with. Though they are designed to dissolve over time, they appear to be quite sticky when they initially impact objects. This has lead to tales of damaged decks and immovable goo stuck to vehicle windshields. If you need to wear glasses to see, you may want to consider getting some safety glass to protect your lenses just in case these reviews are accurate.

Ultimately, it may be best to use these away from any material or surface you would be worried about damaging. If that is not an issue and you are looking at a way to avoid tying water balloons, and have no desire to prefill and store them, these might be for you. Otherwise, it may be best to go to the old standby regular water balloon and save yourself some money. While it may not be the easiest on your hands, some times it makes more sense to go with what you know.