Predator Motorcycle Helmet

Predator Motorcycle Helmet
$567.60 on Amazon
Motorcycle helmets are required in 19 states, and 28 states have partial helmet laws for ages 20 and under. Only 3 states have no law. If you are required to wear a helmet why not get a neat one, one you can be proud of?

The Predator helmet is not only cool, it is DOT approved. Each helmet is handmade and carefully assembled to meet up to the high standard the company is known for. The helmet is made by the X-FF Fiber Factory that prides themselves for putting out products made to very high standards. They have been making items for over 10 years.

You can be safe and fashionable at the same time.The helmet protects you and is a full face mask. Another plus is that you will not get bugs in your teeth when you smile at people’s reactions.

Imagine feeling great as the wind blows through your tendrils. Picture the people gawking at you as you go by. Just don’t role play to the point that you think you are invisible. You will still be able to be spotted by law enforcement so drive legally and stay within the speed limit. The helmet is intended for ages 18 and over, and the infrared scanner is not included.

There are other things you can use this helmet for. You could wear it to a costume party or when you play the Predator video games. You could even wear it while watching one of Predator movies, hopefully while at home, not in public. You could read the Predator comics or novels with your helmet on as well. You could wear it to a comic con. The Predator helmet is so cool you might choose to wear one just because you can, even if there is not a law stating that you must wear one.