Rubber Band Machine Gun

Rubber Band Machine Gun
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Let's face it: sometimes, life at your office can be a battleground. When the practical jokes start heating up, sometimes, you just need to take it to the next level. If rubber band wars are a common occurrence in your office, you want to be the one who comes out triumphant. That's why the Rubber Band Machine Gun is the perfect product for all your office war needs.

The rubber band war has broken out. People are peeking around doorways, dashing through the halls, and giggling maniacally while they shoot rubber bands at their coworkers. You're ready to dive right in, but you don't want to be restricted to a single rubber band at a time. Simply getting one loaded up and ready to fire off can be a real challenge, especially if people are shooting at you at the same time. Besides, in order to use your hand alone to shoot a rubber band, you have to make yourself somewhat vulnerable, sticking your head out and keeping both hands busy. That leaves no way to defend yourself.

The Rubber Band Machine Gun, on the other hand, answers all of your rubber band war needs. With a single squeeze, it can deliver up to ten rubber bands per second, taking out everyone else in the office with a few swift hits. The gun holds up to sixty-three rounds at a time, so you can prance gleefully through the office, firing at everyone in your wake, and still have plenty of ammunition left over should any choose to retaliate.

This is a weapon for a true rubber band warrior, not a casual observer to the battleground. The gun doesn't come assembled. Instead, you'll be able to lovingly piece it together yourself, assembling the precision laser-cut pieces into a gun that you'll be proud of. The kit takes around thirty to forty minutes to put together--plenty of time for you to imagine all the ways you can use the final product on your coworkers and friends. It's simple enough that a ten-year-old child could manage to put it together, but enjoyable enough that an adult will do so with a smile on his face.

Sure, your coworkers may mock you at first. Do you really need to have a gun to manage what they can do with their fingers and a bag of rubber bands? After you've managed to completely decimate the entire office, however, they'll think twice about their arguments. This gun doesn't give people time to run and hide before you can get off a shot. Instead, it lets you shoot fast, shoot often, and protect yourself in the event of any rubber band attack in your workplace.

Of course, any weapon has its drawbacks. If you hold down the trigger, you can expend all of your ammunition in as little as six seconds, making you an easy target until you have time to reload. In addition, the gun does go through batteries relatively quickly, making it necessary to change them frequently. Overall, however, it's a wonderful choice that will have you giggling gleefully each time rubber band wars become an issue in your office or home.