Lobster Claw Oven Mitt

Lobster Claw Oven Mitt
$9.44 on Amazon
Feeling fishy, kinda crabby,
or just a bit bugged out?
Are all those finger burns
from baking cakes making you pout?

Slip on a mitt before you quit!
Protect your hand from all that heat.
Any kind of glove you want
will help you bake some tasty treats!

This product is a really fun one. A plain old oven mitt is boring. Using your plain old hands is painful. Using a lobster claw oven mitt is perfect!

Using one of these, or two if you please, to cook lobster sounds like beautiful irony. Eating some crab sounds even more beautiful. It is seriously lunch time as I write this, and I am getting hungry.

This lobster claw oven mitt is made from cottn that has been quilted together. It is about ten and a half inches long. It is advised that you don't put this thing in the dishwasher or the clothing washer. It should be washed by hand and then just left out to dry.

5 Star Reviews For You:

"I really like this oven mitt. It makes cooking a little more fun for me and anything that can accomplish that is worth it. But, it's not like this lobster mitt is very expensive. It's incredibly inexpensive. I bought two. Watch out for lobster clws cooking in the kitchen!"

"Absolutely am pleased with this mitt! With my other mitts I feel heat coming through but with this one, I don't ever feel any warmth when grabbing hot stuff. I love it!"

"I feel very happy when I wear this bad boy. Claw claw claw! I only use it when we are boiling up some tasty lobsters. It makes for a fun night when I can wear these."

"My mom seems like the hardest person to shop for, ever. She has so much stuff. When I saw these, I was pretty sure that she didn't have these. I was right! She adores them! They are so fun and unique. The colors are great and look just like real lobster claws. We all like to wear them!

4 Star Review For You:

"I purchased two of these oven mitts as a gift for my mother. They were very well received. But, she feels like they are hard to actually use because they are claw shaped. She likes them though."

3 Star Review For You:

"The best part of this mitt is that you can run around pinching people. That's a blast. As far as oven mitts goes, it's really fun. But, meh it's an oven mitt. It does its job and does it well."