Reading Light Glasses

Reading Light Glasses
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It's the middle of the night. You're sitting in bed, reading, but your spouse is ready to go to sleep. They're giving you that look: the one that says if you don't turn off the light soon, it's going to get ugly. You have a couple of choices: you can turn off the light and crawl under the covers, even though that means leaving your book at a critical moment that will leave you tossing and turning as you wonder what will happen next. You can leave the light on and suffer the wrath of your spouse all day tomorrow. Or you can pull out a flashlight: a smaller light that will allow you a more fine-tuned look at the pages, finishing your book without keeping your spouse awake. There's just one problem: that flashlight is clunky and awkward, and juggling it while turning pages can put a real damper on your reading experience.

That's where the Reading Light Glasses come in. When you put them on, the light is angled exactly where need it for reading or fine detail work. There's no need to juggle a clunky flashlight or to leave on a bright light that will disturb everyone else in the room; instead, you're able to keep your light to yourself as you continue reading long into the night.

Imagine this: you're on a late-night flight for a business trip. You never sleep well on planes, so you've brought a briefcase full of work to keep you busy until you reach your destination. Unfortunately, all the lights in the plane are dimmed, and the personal light they provide you just isn't enough to allow you the visibility you need. Out come your Reading Light Glasses! You can direct your light straight down at your work, shifting the light to the material you're currently reading with a simple twitch of your head. It's the perfect way to add in a little light without disturbing everyone around you.

Your Reading Light Glasses have a variety of uses. They're great for cuddling up in the living room and reading even when the lights are off to make it easier for other inhabitants to see the screen. They're perfect for detailed work: driving nails and putting in screws, completing craft activities, and any time you've needed an extra light but couldn't quite juggle a flashlight and your task at the same time.

The stylish frame won't stand out anywhere you need them, and optical-grade lenses will take your prescription into account. No more squinting at your task, desperate for more light! No more wishing that you had a third hand for a flashlight! Anywhere you can look, these glasses can go.

The LED lights embedded in the sides of the frames are discreet enough to leave them off when you don't need them, but when you do, the battery-powered lights will provide approximately 50 hours of visibility when you need it the most. They're only a bit bigger and clunkier than your regular reading glasses, making them the perfect product for all your needs.