Thor’s Hammer Bottle Opener

Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener
$17.99 on Amazon
Are you worthy to possess the power of Thor? Imagine wielding Mjolnir, the enchanted war hammer that was forged in the heart of a dying star? You are worthy enough to have the next best thing. Diamond Select has created Thor’s Hammer Bottle Opener. It’s designed after the Marvel Universe’s cinematic version of Thor’s famous weapon.

Thor Odinson almost started a war and was stripped of his powers, then banished to Midgard (Middle Earth). Odin placed a spell on Mjolnir before he also sent it to Earth. That enchantment, "WHOSOEVER HOLDS THIS HAMMER, IF HE BE WORTHY, SHALL POSSESS THE POWER OF THOR" is imprinted on head of the opener.

Weighing more than seven ounces of solid metal it’s strong, but you can manage it. The handle has the same wrap and strap leather appearance as the original weapon. The overall length is six inches. If you have large hands, it may feel small. But average hands can hold the opener with the strength of Thor to release any cap from its grip.

Be the talk of the nine worlds when you add this to your comic book, Marvel or Thor collection. Show it off with the deluxe display case that comes wrapped in a color sleeve. More than a conversation piece; it’s like having Mjolnir in your kitchen or bar.

Hold the hammer toward the heavens, call thunder and lightning and ask the gods to give you the strength to open your bottle of mead or lager. If your preference is for the lighter ales or non-alcoholic libations, this tool will free your liquid.

Like Thor, you can pass the power of the hammer to others. Make sure they have earned the right. Ask everyone to tell of a worthy act before you allow them to hold the opener. It must never fall into the wrong hands or be used for evil.

There are other ways to use Thor’s Hammer Bottle Opener. Can’t quite get that cork back in the wine bottle? A couple gentle taps should put it in place. When you have walnuts and can’t find your nutcracker, you have a hammer. How about when the gathering of people gets too loud? You have a miniature gavel to call everyone to order. It’s a creative way to knock on someone’s door. Don’t knock so hard you break the door down. Make sure you bring the drinks... just in case. And you will have the bottle opener in hand.

Prepare to defend against Ragnarok when he comes to destroy the world. Have your own version of Mjolnir ready to defend Earth.

Take heed to this warning. Others have failed to handle the power of this tool. There are rumors of broken windows, smashed furniture and people pinned to the floor as a result of misuse of the hammer. When you put it down, be very gentle. When you are ready to use your opener, catch it rather than duck out of the way. You will undoubtedly save some lives or objects.