Silicone Dinosaur Mold

Silicone Dinosaur Mold
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Moms are always searching for ways to top the last birthday party or preschool play date. Most moms try to accomplish this on a budget. So, what can make kids giggle and leave mom with change to spare? A silicone dinosaur mold, of course!

The mold is made from 100-percent food grade silicone. It can go from the freezer to the oven, bake in high temperatures or pop it in the microwave. When you are finished, you can toss the mold into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

The possibilities are endless! The silicone mold is versatile, which means any parent or baby sitter can find multiple uses.

Party time! A dinosaur themed party will leave all the kids talking for weeks to come. Pour melted chocolate or Rice Krispy treats in the mold to create yummy snacks for mere pennies per dinosaur. Instead of the average been-there-done-that cupcake, use the mold to make dinosaur cakes. Kids will love decorating their own with candy eyes and sprinkle scales. Throw in some games and your party is ready to roll.

Preschool play dates. If you want to be the favorite mom in the group try making dinosaur jello jigglers to take to the next play date at the park.

Turn an average day at home into a memory-maker. The silicone dinosaur mold has the shapes of 4 different dino's. Have your child help you remove the paper from all the broken crayons in the art drawer. Drop them into the mold and bake until melted. Place the mold in the freezer until the crayons harden and BOOM, the kids will spend hours creating masterpieces with their "new" crayons!

It's the babysitters' secret weapon! When the kids get rowdy, pull out the mold and several colors of play dough and put your feet up while the kids make their own dinosaurs for some imaginative play.

These ideas are just the tip of the dinosaur's horn. You will quickly see that smiles and laughter will not be extinct when the dinosaurs show up at your house.

These little cuties will add some great fun to any event. This silicone dinosaur shaped mold is incredibly versatile and offers a variety of uses, including being able to go directly from your freezer to being baked in the oven. You can let your imaginations go wild using these sweet molds.