Multi Use Water Bottle

Multi Use Water Bottle
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If you spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors, then you know any item that has multiple uses is extremely handy. Activities such as backpacking, camping, and hiking all require a lot of gear and not much space to put it, and having water on hand is always the top priority. The multiple uses of the Aquabot are what make this water bottle so unique and a must-have for anyone who takes water on the go. Here are some of the features that make this water bottle so awesome:

Misting Ability

On extra hot days the ability to mist ourselves and others is a real treat. With the Aquabot, you won’t have to resort to dipping your fingers in water and then flicking it at yourself, because it has a misting feature built right in. You can add some ice in the bottle to get some extra cooling relief while you’re out playing tennis, golfing, walking the dog, or shooting hoops. Water misters have been know to be very effective at keeping your cats off kitchen counters as well.

Long Range Stream

The Aquabot doesn’t just have a spray feature, it’s practically a water gun and bottle all in one. This makes it incredibly easy to surprise unsuspecting friends and family members who think you’re armed with “just” a water bottle. The amazing thing is the spray can go up to 25 feet, even better when those being sprayed think they’re safely out of range at 15 feet. But, the spraying feature isn’t just for dousing other people, it’s an incredible useful feature for cleaning off items, dirty shoes and feet, or even using as a shower.

Adjustable Settings

This water bottle is loaded with numerous settings that allow you to control all kinds of aspects of water flow. The top of the bottle can be pumped to build pressure for more forceful flow and longer streams. Additionally, you can switch between “Stealth” and “Pulse” mode for more control over water and pressure. There’s also a flow control switch, so you can adjust the flow of water to suit your personal preference and adjust it depending on what you intend to use it for.

Portable Shower Potential

When you’re out backpacking or camping, your chances of getting a shower are uncertain at best, but with your amazing water companion, the Aquabot, you can give yourself a shower on the go. The bottle works upside down, and with its great spraying ability and pressure building capacity, it's the perfect solution for giving yourself a quick wash-up when you need it most. The same can’t be said about most other water bottles.

The bottom line is, the Aquabot is far from your typical, one dimensional water bottle. You get all the usual perks such as durability, BPA-free plastic, and lanyard attachment points, combined with a fun and multifunctional hydration device. You can eliminate the need of carrying multiple water containers by switching over to this one, amazing water bottle.