Inflatable Logs Jousting Set

$19.31 on Amazon
Fun in the sun and having a splashingly good time is soon to be upon us. Why just sit and simmer in the pool when a good time is close at hand and affordable? An inflatable logs jousting holds the key to some really good times that many have applauded as being just the ticket for fun summer amusement in the pool.

Affordable Fun

The log jousting set costs far less than what may be thought. For less than a dinner out with the family, this toy can be yours and available anytime the children (or adults) get bored. The cost of the product is also well worth it. Some reviews have touted this game as being not only challenging but well worth the overall cost.

Many have said that even the adults in the family have found this to be not only challenging, but also addictive. Safe for almost all ages, the jousting logs will allow for hours of fun, while staying cool in the pool.

Safe and Easy to Use

Made of durable plastic, this toy will withstand even the toughest of use. Simply blow the toy up and have some fun! Easy to inflate, and all pieces are soft and malleable. This makes the jousting toy the best dollar for dollar pool toy around.

The plastic inflatable parts can be easily wiped off with a soft cloth and dish detergent if they need cleaning. A simple rinsing with a hose will also do the trick. The logs may be a challenge to stay on, but many say this is what makes the game even more fun.

If looking for an ideal toy that will transition easily from in pool to playing with around the yard, this toy is the one to get. It is far less expensive than many other pool toys, will stand rough play without breaking, and is easy to clean, store and use.